In classic varicose vein surgery, the vein is not closed but completely removed. The surgery is performed on an in-patient basis and under general anesthesia. For crossectomy and subsequent stripping of truncal veins an incision of a few centimeters is made in the popliteal area or the groin and the truncal vein is exposed at the junction with the deep vein system. Then the diseased veins are cut off and divided, finally a probe is inserted into the superficial main trunk of the vein and used for extracting the problematic vein. The small skin incision is closed with a few sutures. In case there are still branch varicosities, in most cases these are removed by the means of mini-stripping (see above) in the same intervention. Until the suture removal after 7 to 10 days a stocking or bandage is recommended and physical activities should be avoided. Normally every-day activities should not cause any problems.